Laser Firing Bumpre Cars

We are proud to be one of the only facilities in North America to feature the worlds Most High Tech, Laser Firing 


Each Orbiter Bumper Car is equipped with multiple "Hit Sensors". If an opponent fires at you and hits one of these sensors, your control functions are temporarily disabled while your Orbiter revolves one and a half revolutions. Once the Orbiter stops, the operator regains control. The objective is to strike back at your opponent with your own laser fire. Can you shoot them before they shoot you?

Be one of the first people ON THE CONTINENT to try these amazing ORBITER BUMPER CARS!

These Orbiters are comfortable, safe for all ages however there is a minimum height recommended for safe operation.

Great for the whole family!

Check out the specs of our amazing machines right here:

Front of Lazer-Firing Orbiter Bumper Car Back of Orbiter
Exploded Technical View


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