Name: Pro Striker 10 pin bowling Name: Spin To Win Name: Big Kahuna (2001) Name: Whac-A-Mole
Manufacturer:  Design Plus Manufacturer: LazerTron Manufacturer: Ohmco Inc Manufacturer: Bobs Space Racers
Purchase Cost: 3500 Purchase Cost: 250 Purchase Cost: 900 Purchase Cost: 1750
Daily Rental: 450 Daily Rental: 100 Daily Rental: 200 Daily Rental: 225
Category: Redemption Category: Redemption Category: Redemption Category: Redemption
Quantity: 2 Qty: 2 Qty: 1 Qty: 1
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1: Pro Striker 10 pin bowling.   This realistic bowling alley features all of the thrills of a real bowling lane. Play up to 6 players at once.
The pins are real and the ball weighs approximately 4 pounds.  There are no gutters so even the smallest bowlers can enjoy this super-fun game.
Pro Striker can be used as a ticket redemption or just plain fun game. A great money maker for your business, guy garage, fun center or anywhere
 you choose to put it.
2: Lazer Trons Spin-To-Win adds that carnival-like spin to your event.  Play for fun or tickets. Each player inserts a coin in the coin mechanism
and is given a pre-determined number of tries to roll a ball to gain points. Then the big wheel spins to indicate the number of tickets you have won.
Add to this some fun sound effects, flashing lighting and you will have tons of fun with this game.