Name: Fire Stomper Name: Ribbit Racin' Name: Crazy Taxi Name: Spray Gun 2004
Manufacturer: Lazertron Manufacturer: Golden Dragon Amusements Manufacturer:  Sega Manufacturer:  Andamiro
Purchase Cost: 500 Purchase Cost: 975 Purchase Cost: 700 Purchase Cost: 475
Daily Rental: 125 Daily Rental: 250 Daily Rental: 175 Daily Rental: 150
Category: Redemption Category: Redemption Category: Redemption Category: Redemption
Qty: 1 Qty: 1 Qty: 1 Quantity: 1
Inv # 49 Inv # 50 Inv # 51 Inv # 52
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Spray Gun:
A comical shooting game, where players use spray cans as weapons. The player has a choice of different modes and stages, each containing a array of enemies.
The enemies are bugs and assorted insects, that must be stopped at all costs. There are 35 enemies and 10 boss characters to fight. Designed as a funny
alternative to the standard realistic violent shooting games in the market. Spray gun is fun for the whole family and dispenses tickets based on performance.